Youth Social Work Association

Youth Social Work Association

To support children and youth in Uganda, capacity building, psychosocial support.

Vision: A society that protects and values children and youth

Mission: To provide capacity building, psycho socio and material support to young people individually and in groups.


  • To provide support services for psychosocial support for children, women and Youth
  • To provide a platform for children and youth focused organise, share knowledge and best practices on issues affecting their generation

Current Programmes

  • Sexual Reproductive Health(SRH)

Member Organisations

  • Note Ber Youth Group
  • Acan Kwete Youth Group
  • Abyenek Womens Group
  • Abyenek Youth Group
  • Obanga Ber Youth Group
  • Obura -Gwe Youth Group
  • Obura - Gwe Women Youth Group
  • Par Pi Awoti Youth Group
  • Nen Iwangi Youth Group
  • Kony Kora Youth Group
  • Oribcing Youth Group
  • Acan Gen Obanga Youth Group
  • Tiyi Apiri Youth Group
  • Note En Teko Youth Group
  • Okonyere Ken Wa Youth Group
  • Acan Ocira Youth Group
  • Par Pi Anyim Group
  • Acan Mak Kweri Youth Group
  • Arap B Village Youth Group

Contact Info:

Location: Plot 653 Ntinda Kisaasi Road

Contact Person: Mugisha Julius- 0782872681

Phone number: 0414286984



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