Bugishu NGO Forum

Bugishu NGO Forum

The organisation operates in 6 districts of Mbale, Namisindwa, Sironko, Bududa, and Bulambuli to monitor national public service delivery. So far operated in Manafwa, Bududa, Mbale, Namisindwa, and Sironko in monitoring, holding community and public accountability dialogues awareness and budget tracking.

Vision: A Uganda where people actively participate meaningfully in the decision making process in their local communities know their rights and hold their leaders accountable.

Mission: To train elected leaders on their roles and responsibilities

Member Organisations

  • Kazana Youth Development Group
  • Mbale Youth Development Association
  • Eastern Sustainable Development Network
  • Nourish A Child International Ministries
  • Friends Of Orphans & Widows
  • Manjiya Tubana Association
  • Stanmore Vocational Institute
  • Stina Foodsq

Contact info

Location: Nabuyonga rise, Northern Division- Mbale

Contact Person: Magomu Ibra

Phone number: 0703573271

       Email address: Bugisungoforum@gmail.com                          

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