Agency for Development of Youth Farmers in Uganda

Agency for Development of Young Farmers in Uganda (ADYOFU)

ADYOFU LogoFounded in 2010, registered in 2015, 2016 &2017 to support its members and other young people to benefit from existing opportunities in the agricultural sector of Uganda, region and world at large.

Vision: To be the driving model and the most productive young farmers’ organisation in Uganda

Mission: Empowering young people to be productive in society.


  • To create awareness among individual youth about their potential and available opportunities in agriculture Sector.
  • To create and facilitate the exchange and transfer of ideas, knowledge and skills in production that can better lives of the youthful community.
  • To provide avenues and create links through which government development partners and well-wishers encourage and support youth centered projects.

Member organisations:

  • Arembwola Progressive Youth Group                                
  • Smiling Stone Youth Group
  • Kanu Youth Dev’t Group
  • Ryeko Ber Youth Group
  • Teo Obia Youth Group
  • Ribere Ber Youth Group
  • Ayeo Kony Youth Group Abim T/C
  • Wilobo Yela Youth Group Alerek S/C
  • Kuc Pi Anyim Alerek S/C
  • Umbrella Youth Dev’t Group Alerek S/C
  • Angolebwal Youth Agricultural Dev’t Group Morulem S/C
  • Oringowelo Youth Dev’t Association Morulem S/C
  • Agile Youth Organization Morulem S/C
  • Aremo Young Farmers’ Group Morulem S/C
  • Gulonger United Youth Association Morulem S/C
  • Akwangagwel United Youth Group Morulem S/C
  • Morulem Youth in Action for Dev’t Morulem S/C
  • Adea Youth on Move Morulem S/C
  • Riham Riham Youth Group Nyakwae S/C
  • Pei Par Youth Group Nyakwae S/C
  • Kony Kor Awothi Youth Group Nyakwae S/C
  • Aridai Youth Group Lotuke S/C
  • Orwamuge Youth Association Lotuke S/C
  • Ayeo Kony Community Youth Group Abim T/C
  • Loyoroit Youth Led Sports Group Alerek S/C
  • Kakweth Youth Group Lotuke S/C
  • Green Villa Youth Group Lotuke S/C
  • Waryem Kec Farmers’ Group Morulem S/C
  • Katabok East Parish Youth Association Morulem S/C
  • Katabok East Youth Action against Poverty Morulem S/C

Contact info:

Location: Church of Uganda, Abim Town council, Abim District

Contact Person: Simon Peter Olum

Phone number: 0382002978

Email address:


Northern Region

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West Nile Youth Network (WYNET)

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