Amoro Youth Development Network

Amaro Youth Development Network (AYODE)

Vision: An empowered, proactive and prosperous young people ably contributing to sustainable development.

Mission: To empower young people and contribute to their self-reliance through capacity building, advocacy, networking and collaboration with relevant actors.


  • To promote participator of young people in democratic governance, civic and development processes
  • To create opportunities for self-employment & contribute to fight against unemployment
  • To Improve health status of young people especially in regard to SRH & HIV/AIDs
  • To promote positive mindset, attitude & behavior that foster development.

Current Programmes

  • Governance and accountability
  • Economic empowerment
  • Sexual reproductive health
  • Policy research
  • Lobbying and advocacy

Member organisations

  • Nwoya Community Transformation
  • Ryemocan Production and Marketing
  • Wanako Ma Lic
  • Nwoya NGO Forum
  • Straight Talk Foundation Nwoya
  • Forum For Community Transformation
  • National Union Of Disable Person Nwoya
  • African Community Transformation Ministry

Contact info

Location: Packwach Town Council

Contact Person: Ofoyrwoth Gerry

Phone number: 0392002420

Email address:


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