Foundation For Youth Development

Foundation for Youth Development (FYDE)

The organisation first started as summit foundation in 2008 and due to uncontrollable circumstances it had to downsize into West Acholi Youth Network but founder members, the board and partners decided to rename the organisation to a more appropriate name which is Foundation for Youth Development.




  • To empower youth to become effective agents of democracy, good governance, conflict transformation and human rights promotion, in order to support inclusive stability and development in Northern Uganda and Uganda at large.
  • To establish model youth and teenage centers that provide youth and teenage friendly health and education services
  • Carryout environmental protection and preservation in Northern Uganda and Uganda at large.

Current Programmes

  • Mental health and psychosocial support

Member Organisations

  • Tii Matek Youth Group
  • Youth United Against HIV/AIDs Association
  • Kwo Lok-ke Youth Group
  • Stand For Peace and Development Youth Association

Contact Info

Location: Palabek, Lamwo District

Contact Person: Okot thomas oloya- 0772032169

Phone number: 0784551881

Email address:


Northern Region

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West Nile Youth Network (WYNET)

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