Layibi Youth Skills Training Center

Layibi Youth Skills Training Centre (LAYSTRAC)

Layibi Youth Skills Training Centre is a community Based Organisation non- profit making and non-partisan. The aim is to create a training Centre that builds the capacity of the youth for sustainable employment opportunities.

Vision: Economically and socially empowered youth meaningfully participating in development processes

Mission: To provide young people with tangible skills and knowledge that promotes meaningful participation


To promote youth effective participation in governance and social development.  

Current Programmes

Waste management, skills Training/vocational training

Member Organisations

  • Lubanga Lakica
  • Arise Youth Association
  • Ketwiny youth Group
  • Areagar Development youth Association
  • Ngolo Pe kony kony
  • Disable Layibi youth group
  • NyeroBer

Contact Info

Location: Kampala Road,Adita Olal Road,Baptist Church

Contact Person: Komakech Godfrey

Phone number: 0782542189

Email address:


Northern Region

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West Nile Youth Network (WYNET)

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Layibi Youth Skills Training Centre (LAYSTRAC)