TUA Uganda

TUA Uganda

TUA LogoVision: Young people living productive and dignified life

Mission: To increase the engagement and participation of young people in planning & dev`t at local community.


  • To reduce the increasing rate of HIV/AIDs among young people
  • To prevent gender based violence
  • To empower community on livelihood engagement

Current Programmes

  • Health Programme
  • Capacity Building
  • Agriculture
  • Environmental Protection

Member organisations

  • Forum for Community Transformation
  • Ryemocan Production and Marketing
  • Wanako Ma Lic
  • Nwoya NGO Forum
  • Straight Talk Foundation Nwoya

Contact info

Location: P.O.BOX 1586 Gulu- Nwoya

Contact Person: Okema William- 0783580613

Phone Number: 0752898431

Email address: tuauganda@gmail.com

Website: www.tuauganda.org

Northern Region

West Nile Youth Network (WYNET)

West Nile Youth Network (WYNET)

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TUA Uganda
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Amaro Youth Development Network (AYODE)
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